Ethan Watts

Ethan is an international photographer & true wanderlust.  2015 winner of Junebug's Best of the Best Wedding Photos, 2014 Editor's Choice Winners at 2 Bright Lights and was recently nominated for Rangefinder's 30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photography.  His work has been featured on the Knot, Kleinflied Brides, Chic Vintage Weddings, and many other popular Bridal Magazines and Blogs.  His images are also featured in How to Photograph Weddings: Behind the Scenes with 25 Leading Pros.  His accomplishments also include numerous achievements in commercial & travel photography.

Jenda Kempf

After a misguided career in banking management, Jenda set sail for a new world in professional photography.  Her first love was the marketing and business management of this little venture, but the lure of the lens led her to her now, multiple talents on both the light and the company sides of light & co.  Aside from the business, side of the business, there's also the other 'company' our name truly implies: you and your loved ones - nature brings the light and you bring the company, and that's all that is needed to make great memories into timeless art.  And Jenda, more than anything, loves and has a knack for making people feel comfortable, cared for and understood, and for bringing your unique light and personality through in the final image.  

Adriane Skousen

Adriane grew up with both her parents being professional photographers.  While it was always a passion in her life, her photography career took flight when she was a junior in High School.  Since, her work has been displayed in the Springville Art Museum and at Barnes & Noble.  She is an All State Artist for her photography work and has won numerous awards including 'You were Framed' Award as a senior in high school.  She currently attends Utah Valley University, studying Fine Arts with an emphasis in Photography.  Adriane has had the honor of her work being featured on the University's Photo Blog numerous times.  Aside from photography she also works in a photo lab and teaches dance.  With a passion for photographing personal moments for people, she also loves all things creative and aspires to expand her knowledge.